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We help ambitious startups reduce technical debt and attract traffic with technical writer services designed for SEO. No matter your tech stack, we can research and write high-quality content your people will love to read.

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Case study: How MentorCruise increased its annual revenue by 800% with Embarque

Meet our Clients

Phil McParlane from 4 Day Week
"After 2 months, Embarque had written 6 articles for us and they already get more than 4,000 clicks per month (!!!) from Google - growing steadily."
Phil McParlane - Founder, 4 Day Week
Dominic Monn from Mentor Cruise
"The content we’ve gotten from other services didn't provide the returns they'd promised. Since working with Embarque, we've increased our yearly revenue by 800%. The ROI has been pretty significant, to say the least."
Dominic Monn - Founder, MentorCruise
Xyrenne Khaice Eustaquio from Valheim Server Hosting
"Embarque’s expertise in SEO has been crucial in the growth of our product. Our website is now ranking on the first page of Google search for relevant queries, and we’ve earned $35,000 in revenue thanks in part to Embarque."
Xyrenne Khaice Eustaquio - Marketing Director, Valheim Server Hosting


$1350 monthly

1 article = 1,500 words

  • ✓ Code review
  • ✓ Search optimized content
  • ✓ Monthly SEO content calendar
  • ✓ Project manager
  • ✓ Join team meetings (up to 5 hours)

SEO technical content that people read.

We use keyword research and focus on data-driven results. That’s how we got companies like Mailjet, VEED, and Buy Me A Coffee to reach the first Google results with SEO content creation.

Stop navigating in the dark. Embarque veers your way to the top of Google Search.

SEO generates 1000%+ more traffic than organic social media: we’ve seen incredible marketing return-on-investment from our clients. Mentor Crew increased its revenue by 800% in 8 months with Embarque. After 2 months, 6 articles for 4 Day Week already get more than 4,000 clicks per month, and ScrumGenius ranked in a featured snippet for a +17k traffic keyword without any backlink. It just works.

Behind our affordable and transparent pricing packages you will find a highly-optimized SEO marketing agency that can scale and hire the right talent for your needs―no matter how niche or big your company is. We count Flick (+3.5M ARR) and VEED (+6M ARR) as our clients, so we know what we are talking about when it comes to streamlining your content marketing. We need little hand-holding, so that you can finally focus on what you do best: building a great business.

Our editorial process is data-driven, so you will always know exactly where your money goes and how much returns you get by working with us. Key performance metrics only: SERP ranks for a given page or keyword, traffic & search volume, conversions & low bounce rates, and revenues.

We use Ahrefs to provide high-quality content around optimized keyword research and competitor analysis. Our clients love our transparency so much we grew by more than 500% within a year of being launched mainly through their referrals―that’s what makes us different from the competition: we will be an integral part of your growth, without the back-and-forth management hassle.

How Our SEO Technical Writing Services Work

  1. 1) Order in a couple clicks.

    Fill in the form.

    Once you select the technical writing package we send you a quick company questionnaire to assess your SEO content needs: branding, industry, target audience, competitors, and topics you’d like to cover.

  2. 2) We get to work right away.

    Receive a content strategy & an editorial calendar.

    Your product manager will plan out the content strategy from the company questionnaire and our own market research performed using Ahrefs and other SEO tools. We then propose content topics to add to the editorial calendar, ask for confirmation, and take it from there.

  3. 3) Get results fast.

    Get regular updates and result reports.

    As soon as we finish a piece we bring it to you for further editing until it feels just right. We constantly strive to integrate your feedback to improve each company’s individual editorial process. Even when the content is out, we keep monitoring the progress of our articles to inform you of the results in full transparency and integrate our findings to optimize the writing process.

Keep things simple without compromising on quality

Doing content marketing at scale takes tremendous efforts. Aside from hiring writers, getting them up to speed, doing content planning, researching the content, and writing the actual pieces, you also need to manage the processes and tools involved in each activity: exhausting!

But content marketing cannot be half-assed: companies who make content marketing a priority are 13 times more likely to see positive returns. Whether you are too busy to write or just doesn’t like writing, content marketing is still king. That’s why working with Embarque is a no-brainer.

Embarque will not only help you with all of the above, but also provide continuous feedback throughout the whole content lifecycle: it’s like having an in-house team with a tenth of the work, that not only understands the pain points of an online business but also constantly evolves to reach the ever-growing expectations of the market.

  • ✔ Save time, energy & money
  • ✔ Scale effortlessly while retaining control
  • ✔ Focus on what matters most to you―not writing

End-to-end on-demand content marketing

Embarque maximizes your marketing return-on-investment using processes and tools addressing the top 5 challenges of content marketing: content creation, strategy, distribution, measurement, and budget constraints. We are in for the long run, keeping the bigger picture in mind at all times―that’s how we stand out.

We only do high-quality content with the aim to rank at the top of Google Search.

  • ✔ Better people - We hire fast learning writers from all backgrounds to cater to any content need, while offering one-on-one support throughout the whole content lifecycle.
  • ✔ Better processes - Clever keyword research, branding strategy, outlines optimized for actionable insights, and long-form posts.
  • ✔ Better tools - We heavily invest in proven tools like Ahrefs, Fraise, or Keywords Everywhere to back our strategy with data, content calendar included!

SEO content planning that goes always upward

Our content planning methodology follows an agile process that continuously improves itself. Something you don’t like about the way we write? We adapt. An article doesn’t rank as expected? No problem, we repurpose it. Embarque seeks the best and we are not afraid to make changes.

We use a pillar-and-cluster content strategy backed by quality keyword research to make you rank faster.

  • ✔ Agile content calendar
  • ✔ Collaboration over processes and tools
  • ✔ Pillar & cluster for increased topical authority

Frequently asked questions

Who writes the technical content?

We hire software engineers with strong writing skills capable of meeting our strict editorial standards. Experienced content marketers do keyword research, branding strategy, and write briefs to guide the technical writers to make sure the content is aligned with the readers’ needs.

What is Embarque?

Embarque is a productized SEO content marketing agency that offers premium ghostwriting and SEO services at fixed and affordable costs. We’ve helped many bootstrappers and tech startups grow significantly through high quality content that is optimized for search and tailored specifically for our client's target readers. We firmly believe in the products and services of our clients, including their vision and objectives.

How do your ghostwriters differ from the competition?

Our ghostwriters undergo a rigorous vetting process, where their writing is assessed on tone of voice, research quality, and storytelling. They are also domain experts in crafting high-quality content optimized to reach your target customers in many different ways. We also hold a no-tolerance policy towards plagiarism or content spinning of every kind.

Why do I need to publish high-quality content regularly?

Growing an engaged audience is key to long-term success for virtually every type of business. Whether it's interacting with your clients on social media, scaling your SEO efforts, or building an audience on LinkedIn or Twitter, you need high-quality content to meaningfully interact and engage with your target audience.

At the same time, the more you publish content around the same topics, the more these platforms' algorithms will come to see you as a topic authority and the more frequently they will show you to people who might want to read what you're thinking about. High-quality content matters because it's what people will come to associate you with, and higher engagement translates into brand growth in the long run.

How simple is the process?

The whole process can be as involved as you want it to be. Ultimately, it all boils down to client preferences. Some of our clients prefer to communicate everything via chat, instead of Zoom meetings. Others prefer to have monthly calls to get aligned on priorities and goals for the month.

After you complete our questionnaire and mention the topics you want for us to write about, we'll get on with our job. You'll get the finished draft in a Google Docs, where you can add suggestions or make your edits.

How do I pay?

Just create an account on our customer portal, select the package(s) and option(s) you want to purchase, and proceed with your payment.

Once our system has processed the transaction, you’ll then have to answer some questions regarding your product/service, brand, competition, priorities, and goals. Your answers will help us determine how we can help you effectively. If you’re still unsure of the process, feel free to email our founder:

Where can I find good ghostwriters?

Of course, there are the traditional job and freelancing platforms that allow you to find freelancers or content writers to work for you, including LinkedIn, Angel List, Upwork and Fiverr.

That said, you'll have to handle the vetting process from beginning until end, which can be a cumbersome process should you want to scale your content writing production.

At Embarque, we'll handle the whole hiring process, saving you a significant amount of time, cost and energy. You'll then be able to focus on other things that allow your business to grow.


$1350 monthly

1 article = 1,500 words

  • ✓ Code review
  • ✓ Search optimized content
  • ✓ Monthly SEO content calendar
  • ✓ Project manager
  • ✓ Join team meetings (up to 5 hours)